Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Our unique approach reinforces the need for strategy before tools and tactics.

Our outsourced CMO service makes it possible for you to benefit from strategic advice and
marketing executions from a senior marketing mentor without the ongoing overheads.
Services include (but are not limited to):

• Consulting, Mentoring & Expert Advice
• Marketing Strategy and Planning
• Monthly strategy meeting
• Lead generation ideas
• Business improvement initiatives
• Content Review and Editing of materials
• Monthly Performance Report

As a small or growing business you don't always have budget, knowledge or time to hire in-house experienced marketing manager. The manager who not only can manage your social media or create collateral, for example, but also can create effective marketing strategy and plans aligned to your business growth objectives.

That is where an outsourced CMO can help. An outsourced CMO becomes a part-time addition to your team, bringing advanced marketing knowledge and best practices to develop an effective marketing strategy and manage the marketing function.

Are you still wondering why you should consider using an outsourced CMO?

Well, your in-house marketing team might not have enough experience and expertise to handle all your marketing needs. Alternatively, hiring a marketing firm or advertising agency can be quite expensive and may not provide you with the strategic thinking that your business requires.

By working with Capstone Marketing's Outsourced CMO, you can access high-level marketing talent in smaller increments of time and budget. This way, you can leverage the many years of experience and expertise to accelerate your business’ growth, without breaking the bank.


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