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Capstone Marketing is a strategy-first agency helping organisations and businesses grow by strategically aligning marketing strategy and tactics with business goals to improve revenue, profit and return on investment.

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To be successful, your marketing and communications plan must be integrated across the company and anchored to business strategy. At Capstone Marketing we put customers at the heart of everything we do, and work very hard to understand their needs.

Often it’s about helping customers determine their unique value, understand who they are creating value for (their most important customers), and work out how best to communicate that value.

Our Wollongong-based small business marketing agency becomes part of your team as we work together to define your business direction and priorities, growth strategy options and, ultimately, a tailored marketing plan. We have a track record of making things happen in the Illawarra through providing both strategic and tactical marketing, communications and business development support.


Marketing Consulting

Our marketing consulting team is trained in all facets of the marketing mix, ensuring that you receive the right advice and marketing strategy to achieve your goals


Marketing Strategy

We align strategy with tactics to achieve your commercial goals, get the most out of every dollar you spend, and ensure the best possible return on investment.


Small Business Marketing

Being in small business is a tough gig. Some of our clients choose to be heavily involved throughout the marketing process, while others are “hands-off” leaving it to us to get on with it while they focus on the job at hand.


Digital Marketing

You need a digital marketing strategy to guide you before you embark on your online marketing efforts. We provide our clients with a digital road map to help them leverage Google search, social media, email, website and more to connect with existing customers and prospects.


CMO For Hire

One of our most popular programs. Clients benefit from strategic marketing advice and mentoring from their very own chief marketing officer (without the overheads), who understands the importance of the bottom line and KPIs.


Website Design

Our team of marketers and creatives make data-driven decisions , tapping into user-based experience to provide you with an edge over your competitors for business growth.


Inbound Marketing

Our Inbound Marketing service is based on a proven methodology for business growth, from generating more traffic and leads to closing and delighting customers

How It Works

Our goal is to help you grow your business. So, it all begins with strategy:

  1. We help you work out where you are now;
  2. Where you want to be;
  3. How you are going to get there

To do this we perform a 360 degree analysis taking into account the 3C’s – Company, Customers and Competitors. We also examine your market segmentation, targeting and brand positioning.
We become part of your business for the term of the project as we work out your business direction, growth strategy options and examine every suitable marketing tactic for your business.

Both traditional and digital marketing have advantages and disadvantages that we take into account when developing your marketing strategy. Both can target different areas of your market and, in some cases, be more effective when used in conjunction with each other, rather than in isolation.

Brand Experience

Welcome To Capstone Marketing

Welcome to Capstone Marketing Agency! We are your Top Rated Local® three-in-one marketing company. We specialise in strategic marketing and inbound marketing techniques to grow your business and help you flourish. Whether you are an established company, or are just getting started, Capstone Marketing is the ideal way to promote your business image, services or products. Our goal is to understand your business needs, benchmark your performance against industry standards, examine your competitive landscape, determine opportunities with key products and markets, and then use all of that data combined to identify methods and opportunities for substantial growth. Let us help you develop the best marketing strategy for company. Our marketing firm can help you cater to your target audience using a number of marketing techniques including a combination of events, print, radio, TV, optimisation of your website, pay per click advertising, and social media ads (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+). The combination of these techniques will give you optimised exposure to your target audience, allowing you to grow your business. Meet with one of our marketing consultants today! We can design a package with social media marketing, digital marketing, traditional marketing, strategic marketing, or mix and match your package for optimal results. Get the exposure and recognition that your business deserves with a custom marketing plan to drive sales and exposure today! Contact Capstone Marketing to get started on a marketing plan for the future of your business!

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