How to use email marketing to drive your growth

Written by: Mick Donohoe

Email marketing is arguably the most personalised form of marketing. At a time when your target audience is inundated with online ads and other outreach activities of brands and businesses, email marketing can provide the differentiated touch.

But despite the documented success of others, they don’t guarantee yours. You’ll need a strategy unique to your needs to make it work. We’ve outlined in this post the pillars of an email marketing strategy that can drive growth. They’re often overlooked or paid scant attention. If you get them right, you’ll be well on your way to email marketing success.

1. Identify and clarify your goals

It’s easy to jump onto the email marketing bandwagon, but do not expect to reap the rewards if you’re unclear of your goals. Given the highly personalised nature of email marketing, without a clear agenda, you’re at risk of confusing your target audience. This might have negative consequences on their perceptions of your brand.

2. Offer good content

If you assume your email outreach effort will not be opened or trashed, chances are you’ll pay more attention to the quality of the content that accompanies it. By 2021, 320 billion emails will be sent daily (1). To gain your target audience’s attention, invest in good content, as this will increase the perceived value of your brand.

3. The right platform makes email marketing a breeze

Aside from budgetary considerations, choose a platform that’s easy to manage and leaves a good impression on your target audience. Today, marketers have a wide array of platforms to choose from to suit their needs. Your marketing agency, if you have one, should be able to recommend the most appropriate platform for you.

4. Observe the rules of the game

Email marketing isn’t a blank cheque to invade the inbox of your target audience. Although most people expect to receive some form of email marketing communication, it doesn’t mean they accept it. It’s for this reason that there are legislations governing the use of it. Observe them appropriately.

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