How to improve the open rate of your emails

Written by: Mick Donohoe

Your target audience is listed in ten, if not more, databases. Apart from work-related emails, they’re likely to receive emails from brands and businesses across a spectrum of products and services. After all, email marketing is in everyone’s marketing playbook. It’s time you consider it too.

But you’re probably wondering, with the sea of emails floating around, will yours be read? How do you stop your email ending up in the junk folder? What’s the probability of yours being read and not kept for later or not read at all? These are pertinent questions. We’ll address them in the list of tips below.

1. Test for the best headline

Newspaper editors pay a lot of attention to the front-page headlines. It’s the magnet that draws potential buyers and readers to it. In emails, your subject headlines play a similar function. It’s the key that unlocks your target audience’s interest in your email.

Over time, you might get it right at the first attempt. Even if you can, it never hurts to write and test several email subject headlines. The headlines should always capture the benefits of your offering. Keep it succinct and compelling.

2. Best time of the day

In the interest of productivity, more people are allocating specific times of the week and day to open emails. Knowing when this happens is important. The chance of your email being opened is likely to increase. Over time, if the quality of your email content is worthy of your prospects’ or customers’ time, they’ll learn to anticipate it. When that happens, it’s a clear sign you’ve won their trust. That’s a significant step before the ‘sell’ can happen.

3. Segment your list

It’s really annoying, isn’t it, when you receive emails containing information of irrelevance to you? At a time when personalisation is big, there are businesses guilty of this oversight. Segment your list! An effective customer database is insightful. It is supposed to contain details of your target audience’s interests and preferences.

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